James Madison Papers

William B. Giles to James Madison, 10 August 1829

Richmond August 10th 1829.

My Dear Sir and Madam,

Permit me to assure you, I was very much gratified, that your District had honored the state so far, as to place you, Sir, in the Convention for altering, or amending the Constitution. It is at the same time with sincere sorrow and concern I have learnt; that the state of your health has, since that time, been impaired by indisposition; but I earnestly hope; that it is already completely restored, or will be at least so far improved, as to enable you to take your seat in the Convention, and to afford that important service to the state, which it justly anticipates from your weight of character, superior intelligence, and long experience in public affairs. I beg leave also, Sir, and Madam, to assure you that I still recollect, with affectionate sensibilities your kind attentions during a long personal acquaintance, and that it would now afford me great pleasure, if yourselves and inmates would consent to become members of my family, and to accept a chamber in the government house during the session of the approaching Convention. That position would afford you some accommodations, which it might be difficult to obtain in any house of public entertainment in the City. It is retired, near the Capitol, and would afford you opportunities of receiving visits from your numerous friends, with more ease and convenience to yourselves, than perhaps elsewhere. Permit me to press your acceptance of this invitation, and to assure you in so doing, you would afford the sincerest pleasure to myself, as well as to every member of my family. Be pleased Sir, and Madam, to accept my respectful and friendly regards.

Wm. B. Giles

RC (DLC). Docketed by JM. Addressed to JM and DPM.

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