James Madison Papers

James Madison to Bernard Peyton, 27 June 1829

June 27. 1829

Dr. Sir

I have recd. yours of the 23d. I canot but say that the sales of the Tobo. have disappointed my hopes, tho’ I have no doubt, your attentions did it justice; and that there must have been a defective management here. It is true, the want of rain at the ripening stage, may account in some degree for the prevailing quality: But it is equally true that my neighbors with the same weather, and a soil much inferior figure better in the market. For several years I have been clearing [f]ine land, and for the present year have cut down a body of it equal to any the mountains ever afforded, and with a sacrifice of timber worth as much as the late crops have yielded. With favorable weather, & improved management, I shd. be sanguine of a good result, but for the prospect of a glutted market, which may well happen from the extensive preparations, and if the seasons here have been general, from success in pitching the crops.

Among the effects of the low price of Tobo. & the fall in the wt of flour, I must inclose a discounting note, with a reduction of its amount which I had calculated on effecting.

My waggoner will resume the carriage of Tobo. tomorrow, and will bring half of the Salt if ready for him, leaving the other 5. Sacks for the next trip. Please to send by him also the following articles--l Barrel of Brown Sugar. 50 lbs Shilling white do. 2 lbs. best tea. 1 [PS.] white domestic for sheeting. 1 Keg (the Keg sent) of cheap Lisbon Wine.

Draft (DLC).

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