James Madison Papers

James Madison to Gulian C. Verplanck, 17 January 1829

Montpr. Jany 17.–29

Dear Sir

I return herewith the Second Statement by the Council of the London University. If the Superstructure of Science correspond with the foundation marked out for it the Institution will not only be an honor to the country giving it birth, but will extend its instructive influence every where. I must apologize, Sir, for not sooner offering my thanks for a sight of the pamphlet, which I was prevented from doing by some particular engagements which detained my attention from it. I must beg you to accept the same apology for the delay in thanking you for the pleasure afforded by the little volume containing the ingenious tales so well told, and the other elegant effusions associated with them. And I must finally rely on the same plea, in relation to the Report of the High School Society; so interesting in itself, and made the more so by the biographical tribute and appropriate reflections incorporated with it. With great esteem & good wishes

J. M.

Draft (DLC).

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