James Madison Papers

John J. Crittenden to James Madison, 17 November 1828

Frankfort Novr: 17th 1828


Mr Lee, of Va:, some time ago placed in my hands a covenant of Bell & Tapscott to yourself & Mrs Willis for the payment of $6,000 in three installments of $2000 each. I was informed that the whole of the first installment was paid—And suit was consequently brought for the two last only—And at the present term of our Federal Court, seperate judgments were rendered for the amount of the two last installments, with interest &c, the one judgment against Bell, & the other against the representative of Tapscott—An attempt was made by the Defts: to postpone the cases to obtain proof of credits to which they were entitled. I informed the Court that I was impressed with the belief that Mr Lee had told me of some credit to which the Defts were entitled—that I did not remember the date or amount of the credit—that Mr John Lee of this State had informed me that it was $1000—But I assured the Court that I would ascertain from you the exact amount & date of the credits, & that they should be properly entered before executions issued—It is for this cause that I trouble you, & request immediate information that I may know what payments have been made & what credit ought to be given upon the two last installments—I am, with great respect, yr’s &c

J J Crittenden

RC (DLC). Docketed by JM.

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