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Nicholas P. Trist to James Madison, 14 August 1828

Monticello, Aug. 14. 28.

Dear Sir

Yours of the 11th finds me this morning on the point of setting out, in company with Dr Dunglison, on a visit to Genl. Cocke, which I have been promising for two or three years. On Mr. Tracie’s account, I at first hesitated whether I should give up the trip, which the delay of going to the University where his papers are would have obliged me to abandon altogether; but on reflection, I have judged that the difference of a post or two will not be important to him, and have therefore concluded on postoponing that business until tuesday next.

Saturday before last, I wrote from the University a few hasty lines in which I enclosed a copy of the resolution authorising the appointment of Dr Harrison. The remark you make on this subject leaves me in doubt whether you received this letter: it was accompanied by a large packet containing the letters you had desired me to send.

Besides authorizing the appointment of a temporary incumbent, the resolution in question requires that enquiries be instituted concerning a permanent one; and I am sorry to tell you that the necessity for these enquiries is not confined to the school of Ant. Languages. I know (but this I communicate to you, alone) that Dr P. is not to be considered as fixed; and therefore take the liberty of suggesting that you had better not lose sight of Mr Richie.

I made it my business to see Jones, the bookseller, immediately after the adjournment of the Bd. On the alternative being presented of a rival establishment on the part of the Uny, he readily acquiesced in the plan; but for want of authority, I could not go any further than to sound him. The authority resides in the Ex. commee; and as serious inconvenience will result at the opening of the session, unless something be done immediately, I wish you would write a line by the first post, expressing your concurrence in any thing which Genl Cocke may empower me to do in the business.

The Dr & myself promise ourselves the pleasure of a trip [to] Montpellier during the vacation: in the mean time, accept for Mrs Madison & yourself, assurances of my very affectionate regard

N. P. Trist

I write to Mr Monroe also, by this post.

RC (ViHi: Nicholas P. Trist Album Book); draft (DLC: Nicholas P. Trist Papers).

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