James Madison Papers

James Ronaldson to James Madison, 28 July 1828

Philadelphia July 28 1828


My friend John Wright who has lately returned from Guayakill where he resided nearly two years, being a gentlement of much observation and takeing great interest in procuring every thing within his power that would add to the resources, or embellishment of the United States, amongst our s[ee]ds has brough New Zealand hemp; and is very anxious that it should be placed in the care of different persons and cultivated in various climates that it may be added to the resources of the country, It appears one of these things that are interesting to Agriculture Manuactures & Commerce—

A little of it has been given to Messrs. Carr of Bartemus Gardens & Holbert of Philaa professional Botanists and nurserymen; But we are not certain that Peny is the proper climate. It is desireable that it should be tried in Virginia and Floriday & Some other of the most Suthern States

Impressed with the opinion, it will in You find a kind and carefull protector, I have taken the liberty of encloseing a few of the seeds and a Specimen of the Hemp. Which I hope will as Cotton, & Sugar cane, have been soon become naturalised and form another of our national resources

And presumeing you will know of some Gentleman in the Southern part of the Union who would take an interest in cultivating this seed I shall take the liberty of sending a second parcel to be disposed of as you may deem proper; And through you the facilities of the Post office is some advantage

This season in all probability is too far advanced for sowing this seed with any reasonable probability of its coming to maturity, yet in the country south of Philaa a little of might be tried With sentiments of respect I am Your Most Obt &c

James Ronaldson

PS. A little will be sent to Mr Judson Tenee this is mentioned that you may know the experiment is to be made in that State


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