James Madison Papers

James Madison to Walter Jones, 26 July 1828

July 26. 1828

Dr Sir

I learn from Mr. Cutts, that in a Chancery suit brought agst. him by a Creditor, I am to be made a party. Having been very successful throughout my life in keeping clear of litigated transactions I am very anxious to avoid such an one, as that now threatened; and cannot but hope, when the Creditor perceives the manifest inutility of pressing me into the suit, he will not persist in his purpose. Should it happen otherwise, I must ask the favor of you to appear for me, and to lessen as much as possible my participation in the scene. Being wholly unpractised in such proceedings, I must make a further request that the documents whatever they be, which are required on my part, may be put for me into the proper form, and leave me nothing but the sanction of my name, &c. Mr. Cutts will make you acquainted with the tenor of the answer, which if called for, can for be put in. It is so decisive that I can discern no mo<tive> of interest the Creditor after being apprised of it, can feel in imposing on me the necessity, of a formal disclosure.

Draft (DLC).

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