James Madison Papers

William Beach Lawrence to James Madison, 21 June 1828

London June 21. 1828

Dear Sir,

The duplicate of your letter of the 25th. of April, did not reach me till the 9th. ins. and the original has not yet been received. On learning your wishes, I lost no time in endeavouring to obtain the information which you desire; but as I did not know Mr. Ritchie’s address it was only through Mr. Key that I could commmunicate with him and the absence of the latter gentleman from town has occasioned an additional delay. I trust, however, that as Mr. Key informed you, some time since, that the only reservation made by Mr. Ritchie as to his accepting the appointment in the University of Virginia, if offered, was his being called to the Mathematical chair in that of London, my letter of the 4th. of April which announces the choice of another candidate in the Institution here, has removed all doubts as to Mr. Ritchie’s views. Mr. Key states that the amount of salary was distinctly mentioned to Mr. Ritchie at the outset and he has been again written to, in consequence of your last letter, but as eight or ten days must elapse before his answer is communicated to me, I have not judged it proper, looking to the time of the meeting of the visitors, to defer addressing you till it arrives. Whatever reply is received from Mr. Ritchie shall be immediately transmitted.

I have had the honour to receive your letter of the 15th of March, in which you authorize me to honour Professor Duglison’s drafts on the Virginia University fund to the amount of one hundred pounds. Professor Barlow has sent me bills for articles transmitted to the University, via Liverpool, through the agency of Mr. Warwick, which amount including expenses to £191.2.6 and he states that the balance in his hands has been reduced to £30.14.11 for the whole of which sum articles have been ordered. Mr. Barlow also observes that in the Package recently sent was enclosed a gold chronometer, the private property of Mr. Bonnycastle the value of which was included in the Insurance. With renewed assurances of sincere and profound respect I remain Dear Sir Your most faithful and obedient servant

(Signed) W. B. Lawrence

Letterbook copy (DLC: William Beach Lawrence Papers).

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