James Madison Papers

To James Madison from William Hull, 22 December 1808

Detroit 22d: Decembr. 1808.


I take the liberty to enclose a Copy of two Sections of an Act, which has been adopted by the legislative Authority of this Territory, concerning the punishment of Crimes, and Misdemeanors. The two Sections relate to the emitting and passing bills of private banks. It is expedient, they should have publicity, as it is understood, bills of this discription are passing in the States, issued by a private Company in this Territory.

I likewise enclose a Copy, of a report of a Committee of the legislative Authority, appointed to consider what measures were necessary to be taken, on certain resolutions, laid on the table of the legislature, by Judge Woodward, the moment, he was about to leave the Territory.

As these resolutions have been published by the Judge, and as they implicate the official conduct, of the Governor of the Territory, and consequently of the executive of the United States, as he holds his Commission during the pleasure of the President, it is necessary it should be known, whether the resolutions were well founded or not. This report will show, how they are considered by this Government, and it is presumed, the explanations, will be satisfactory to the government, from which we emanate. It is, Sir, unfortunate, that any personalities, sh⟨ould⟩ be mingled with public proceedings; T⟨hose⟩ contained in this report, have necessar⟨ily⟩ resulted from the resolutions themselv⟨es,⟩ however it is to be regretted, it will ea⟨sily⟩ be perceived, where the fault rests.

As it is a duty incumbent on me, to m⟨ake⟩ all communications of consequence, rela⟨ting⟩ to the civil Government of the Territo⟨ry, to⟩ the Secretary of State, I presume this ⟨will⟩ be considered, as strictly warranted ⟨by⟩ Official propriety, And I further ⟨have⟩ the satisfaction to inform you, tha⟨t every⟩ thing is now tranquill, in the Terr⟨itory,⟩ and the proceedings of the Gover⟨nment⟩ appear to give general satisfactio⟨n.⟩ I am very respectfully ⟨your⟩ most obedt. Ser⟨vant⟩

William Hul⟨l⟩

DNA: RG 59—Territorial Papers—TP, Michigan.

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