James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Stevens Rogers, 15 December 1808

Waterford December ye: 15th. 1808 (Near New-London of

Honored Sir:

I make bold to write to you wishing your Indulgence to excuse me for So doing as I am an old war-worn-Soldier and infirmed and want you to de⟨liv⟩er the enclosed to the Honorable Congress of t⟨he⟩ United-States of America and you will oblige ⟨me⟩ in So doing for I have ⟨been⟩ one of our revolu⟨tio⟩n Soldiers even at the most critical days of it for w⟨h⟩en the Brittens first began to murder us the 19th: of April 1775 at Lexenton in the State of Massachu⟨sett⟩s and the 16th: of May following I listed and marched down to Roxbury in the afore said State and Stayed that campain and the nex Season I went to the State of New-York avollenteer and it was thought propper to give me an Ensign’s Commission and I served through the time of the war Then I lived a retired and privite life altho my constitution ware much broken down but did not complain because we had gotten the prise we fought for My hardships ware severe through our struggle early and late, hunger and cold and losses but did not complain but now as I have with my other infirmites here unfortunate I have met with afall which broke my Sholder and put it out of joint So that I am acompleat inviled now and as age cometh on I ask assistance hopeing I might receive it (for I have lost my Lieutennants, my Captains, my Majors, my Colonels, my Brigader-Gene⟨r⟩als, my Major-Generals, and my Captain-General⟨   ⟩) ⟨a⟩nd as I have Served t⟨hem⟩ faithfully and I bost ⟨of⟩ being called one of the old 75 men and I continue to ⟨   ⟩ Same principle and feel Sorrow that So many of o⟨ur⟩ Countrymen have left the principle that govened ⟨th⟩en I kno⟨w⟩ we ware then very feble and but little amunition ⟨   ⟩ cartridge-box would not carry but nine roun⟨ds⟩ ⟨   ⟩ other ware lack powder and ball and afowling pei⟨ce⟩ ware my gun We had to furnish them ou⟨r⟩ Selves and in no dissipline ware our Soldiers So from a war-worn Soldier, Sir your most humble Servent,

Steven’s Rogers

DNA: RG 59—ML—Miscellaneous Letters.

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