James Madison Papers

To James Madison from John Murray Forbes, 30 November 1808

Hamburg 30th. Novr. 1808.

The foregoing is a Copy of what I had the honor to address Your Excellency by the Ship Washington, Captn. Case, which Ship after experiencing every possible Difficulty at length put to Sea on the 17th. Inst. On my return h⟨ere⟩ from Gluckstadt, I found that the Agent of the Ship Juniata at Paris, by his unremitting Perseverance, seconded by th⟨e⟩ solicitation of General Armstrong had obtained permissio⟨n⟩ for that Ship to sail. It occurred also that this Ship lai⟨d⟩ in a Danish Port (Altona) and the permission of the Ki⟨ng⟩ of Denmark was necessary, but as His Majesty was at Kiel, I addressed a Memorial direct to him and obtained an immediate and favorable reply. I feel it my duty to acknowlege my great obligations to Mr. Rist, His Danish Majesty’s Chargé d’Affaires here, who has, on all occasion⟨s⟩ in which I have been called upon to address The King ⟨&⟩ Tribunals of His Country, assisted me in the most friendly manner. He has been at most of the Courts in Europe and last in England, where he was well know⟨n⟩ to Mr. Monroe. He is a man of merit and very friendly to the U. S. Encouraged by the recent manifestation o⟨f⟩ the Emperor’s good will towards us in permitting tw⟨o⟩ of our Ships to leave this, I have, at the intimation of the French Minister here, addressed him a note deman⟨ding⟩ the raising of the existing Embargo here in favor of the fe⟨w⟩ remaining Ships. The Minister assured me that he ha⟨d⟩ forwarded my note with Such pressing Solicitation i⟨n⟩ Support of it, as he did not doubt would obtain the measure demanded. His Highness The Prince of Pont⟨e⟩ Corvo, has also addressed The Emperor Directly in Support of my demand and I indulge Considera⟨ble⟩ hope of Success. Should I obtain Permission for the other Ships, I shall certainly embark in one of them in the Spring and have the honor to Present my respects to Your Excellency in Person. I have also written General Armstrong at Paris, requesting his Cooperation in the demand I have made. It is said that there are several of our Ships detained in the Weser by a Similar embargo, but I am not even informed of their names or any Circumstances of their Situation. I have the honor to be, With great Respect, Your Excellency’s Obedt. Servant

J: M: Forbes

DNA: RG 59—CD—Consular Despatches, Hamburg.

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