James Madison Papers

JM Estimate for the service of year, 29 October 1808

Dept. of State, October 29th. 1808.

Estimate for the service of the year 1809.

Foreign Intercourse.
Salaries of three Ministers, vizt: } Dollars.
To London, Paris, & Madrid @ 9,000 27,000 
Ditto of their Secretaries a 1.350. 4,050.
Contingent expenses of those Missions 2,000.
Contingencies of Foreign Intercourse 25,000.
Barbary Intercourse.
Salary for the Consul General At Algiers 4,000 
Do. Of the Consuls at Morocco, Tunis & Tripoli @ 2,000, each 6.000 
Their Contingent expenses 4,000 
For the difference between the cost of Articles in which the annuity to Algiers is payable, and the difference between the permanent appropriation & annual charge of $36,000 
Contingent expenses of Barbary Intercourse 50.000 
For the relief of distressed Seamen 5,000 
Salaries of Agents at London, Paris, & Madrid for Superintending Claims on account of Captures @ 2,000, Dollars each 6,000 
Salaries in the Department of State.
Of the Secretary of State 5,000
Of his Clerks agreeably to the Act of the 21 April 1806. } 7.150
Additional sum required in consequence of an increase of business in the Department } 1,000
Of his Messenger 410.
Contingencies of the Department of State.
For printing & distributing 10,000, copies of the Laws of the 2d. Session of the 10th. Congress 4,250 
For printing the Laws in Newspapers 4,000 
Fuel & Candles 200 
Newspapers for the Office & public Agents abroad } 150.
Mediterranean Passports 1,350 
Blank personal passports, patents Circulars &c. } 1.000 
Purchasing Books $400.
Stationery. 600.
Miscellanies 500.
Special Messengers charged with Dispatches } 2,000 
Total amt. Dollars 197,060.

James Madison.

DNA: RG 59—DL—Domestic Letters.

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