James Madison Papers

To James Madison from James Gamble, 12 September 1808

Phila. September 12th. 1808


I took the liberty of writing to you some since on the Subject of the employment of the Ship Susquehanna, Since which the proper channel through which Application was to be made, having been di⟨rec⟩ted to the Collector of this port, it would have enabled me to apply in pers⟨on⟩ if I had not understood, that a very considerable number of Applications precluded the probability of obtaining an employment proportionable ⟨to⟩ her value. Under these circumstances the object declined in importance I hope sir, you would not consider me troublesome, if I Should respectf⟨ully⟩ desire to know, whether you have already Appointed the gentlemen ⟨who⟩ will proceed to Europe in the Character of bearers of dispatches, and i⟨f⟩ not, if I Should venture to recommend a Young Gentleman who in my Opinion has claims upon the Notice of his Country. The respectab⟨ility⟩ of the gentlemen who Originally recommended him to the Attention of the Honble. Secretary of the Navy, Capt. Wm: Jones, the late respecta⟨ble⟩ Genl. Pr. Muhlenberg, & the late Commodore John Barry, may bear Some Weight in the present Application Since his Sufferings as on⟨e⟩ of the captives in tripoly, he has remained in the Navy, and has lately been promoted to a leiutenancy by Commodore ⟨   ⟩ry, ⟨   ⟩ the Appointment yet awaits the confirmation of the proper Au⟨tho⟩rity. This young Gentleman, my son, Robt. M: Gamble, thus r⟨e⟩commended to your Attention, Speaks the french language, having had a liberal education. Your compliance with this request will much Oblidge Sir, your Obdt. Humble Servt.,

James Gamble.

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