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JM Affidavit on the status of Joseph Bruno Magdalena, 9 September 1808

September 9, 1808

To all to whom these presents shall come greeting.

I Certify, that Dn. Joseph Bruno Magdalena has been employed by ⟨h⟩is Sovereign as Secretary of the Spanish Legation in this Country, and ⟨th⟩at it appears from official papers presented to this Departmt. ⟨th⟩at he is now under orders from his Government to repair to ⟨Sa⟩xony, he being attached to the Spanish Legation there.

In faith whereof I James Madison Secretary for the ⟨De⟩partment of State of the United States of America, have signed these ⟨p⟩resents, and caused the seal of my office to be affixed hereto, at the City ⟨of⟩ Washington this Ninth day of September A. D. 1808. and in the ⟨th⟩irty third year of the independence of the said States.

(the seal)

James Madison

DNA: RG 59-NFL-Notes from Foreign Legations, Spain.

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