James Madison Papers

To James Madison from James McGreggar, 27 April 1808

Saint Thomas 27th. April, 1808.


Having seen in a Newspaper, a letter written ⟨by⟩ Timothy Pickering Esqr to His Excellency the Governor of ⟨Ma⟩ssachusetts, and observing that he has asserted, that We have ⟨   ⟩ no cause of complaint against Great Britain, since the Affair ⟨of the⟩ Chesapeak, relative to the impressment of our Seamen, ⟨I⟩ consider it my duty to give Government such information ⟨on th⟩at particular point, as comes within my Knowledge.

Enclosed is a list of American Seamen who have ⟨been⟩ impressed at or near this Island by the different Vessels on ⟨this⟩ station, describing the time, place, and particular circum⟨stan⟩ces under which they were impressed, and although ⟨I be⟩leive there are many more, impressed, than are expressed ⟨on⟩ the list, it contains all, that I have any authentic ⟨infor⟩mation of. It will I trust bear the strictest scrutiny, ⟨an⟩d be sufficient to convince those who are awake to convic⟨tio⟩n, that the affair of the Chesapeak has had a very ⟨differ⟩ent effect on the conduct of the British Naval Comma⟨nders than⟩ what is represented by Mr. Pickering, and that Gentleman himself, the impropriety of making publi⟨cations⟩ which have a tendency to mislead those who do not possess correct information on the point alluded to, and to endeavor to Throw an Odium on the conduct of Government, wit⟨hout⟩ having good information of the correctness of his assertions. I have the Honor to be very respectfully Sir Your Mo. Ob. ⟨Sert⟩

James McGreggar

DNA: RG 59—CD—Consular Despatches, St. Thomas.

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