James Madison Papers

To James Madison from James Leander Cathcart, 5 February 1808

Madeira 5th: Feby. 1808


I have the honor to inform You ⟨th⟩at on the 25: Jany Admiral Duckworth’s Squadron hove ⟨into⟩ sight, composed of the Ships named at foot, in chase of ⟨th⟩e Rochford Squadron of Six Sail of the Line & Frigates, who ⟨h⟩ad Escaped their Vigilance in a Gale of Wind, and Supposing ⟨th⟩ey were a head of them hove too. The Comus Frigate arrived ⟨t⟩he 26th. at Night from Terceira, and had been chased by a Ship of the Line & a Frigate, supposed to be part of that Squadron. On the 27th: the Whole Squadron stood to the S. W. ⟨u⟩nder a Crowd of Sail. Rear Admiral Sr. Samuel Hood in ⟨the⟩ Centaur joined them, but it is supposed proceeded to England. ⟨A⟩t present No Ships of War are in these Roads. Annexed is ⟨a⟩ list of the Ships which took Possession of this Island. ⟨E⟩nclosed is a Certified Account Current of Seamens Disbursemts. for the last Six Months, The Customary list of Trade, & a Copy of My Letter of 8 Octor. last to which I request an Answer as soo⟨n⟩ as Possible, as hardly a Vessell arrives here that I am not troubled on the Subject of My Requisition. I have the honor to Continue with the most Respectful Esteem, Sir Your Obedient Servt:

James Leander Cathcart

 Adml. Duckworth’s Squadron

Royal George 110 Guns Sir Jno Duckworth V. Adml. of White
 {Cap: Dunn,
Temeraire 98 Cap: Sir Chas. Hamilton
Neptune 98 Cap: S. Thomas
L. Tonnant 84 Rear Adml. DeCourcey
Dragon 74 Cap: Scott
Euridia 32 Sir Wm. Bolton
Unicorn 32 Cap: Hardeman.

Ships which took Possession of Island

⟨C⟩entaur 74 Guns Sir Saml. Hood, Cap: Webley
⟨Y⟩ork 74 Cap: Barton
⟨   ⟩ptain 74 Cap: Woolley
⟨C⟩omus 20 Cap: Pierce
Intrepid 74 Cap: Worsley
Shannon 36 Cap: Berke
⟨Alceste⟩ 44 Cap: Maxwell
⟨S⟩uccess 32 Cap: Ayscough
⟨   ⟩ricain 44

And 18 Transports.

P. S. I have not been able to procure any Wine on this Island ⟨su⟩perior to what I sent to Washington Bowie for Sale. A Voyage to ⟨the⟩ East Indies, or other Warm Climates, is the only thing that ⟨am⟩eliorates Madeira Wine.

DNA: RG 59—CD—Consular Despatches, Funchal.

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