James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Augustus Woodward, 1 January 1808

River Raisin, jan. 1. 1808.

I have this day seen number sixteen of the Essays on the Evils which have proved fatal to republics, published in Pittsburgh. I repeat an assurance heretofore given, and I believe with unqualified latitude, that I have no knowledge of, and no personal concern, even to the smalles. extent, in any species of speculation whatsoever, in this Territory, or elsewhere. It may for a moment be supposed that I ought here to make an exception relative to the Bank of Detroit. I will lay open to public view the whole of that transaction; including all the other important points which have been noticed. I this day transmit for that purpose a publication for the same press, which I presume will reach the general government, if that which produces it has reached it. I cannot now be too prompt in executing wh⟨at⟩ I have long considered an indispensi⟨ble⟩ duty. I believe it will be useful ⟨to⟩ the government to possess itself of the facts; and as they go before the public, I will say nothing furthe⟨r⟩ on the subject through a private channel.

The country is perfectly tr⟨an⟩quil. The Indians have some time s⟨ince⟩ given a definitive answer to the British Government that in case ⟨of⟩ hostilities between them and the Ame⟨ri⟩cans they will not interfere.

I am sorry to see troops ca⟨lled⟩ into service here from the walks ⟨of⟩ civil life. I consider it a usele⟨ss⟩ expence, and as having a tendency ⟨to⟩ make trouble, rather than to prev⟨ent⟩ it. Permit me to subjoin my resp⟨ect⟩

A. B. Woodward

DNA: RG 59—TP—Territorial Papers.

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