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List of Subscribers, Contributors, and Founders of the Central College, 1 August 1818

List of Subscribers, Contributors,
and Founders of the Central College

1 August 1818

Whereas by an Act of the General Assembly for appropriating a part of the revenue of the literary fund to the endowment of an University and for the appointment of Commissioners to enquire & report to the legislature a proper site for the same, the said Commissioners are authorized “to receive any voluntary contributions whether conditional or absolute, whether in land, money, or other property, which may be offered thro them to the Treasurer and directors of the literary fund, for the benefit of the University” Be it therefore known that we the subscribers contributors & founders of the establishment of the Central College near Charlottesville do hereby authorise & empower the visitors of the said College, or a majority of them or the Proctor thereof, to offer thro the said commissioners to the President & directors of the literary fund, the said Central College, with all the lands, moneys credits & other property thereto belonging, and of the same to make an absolute conveyance On Condition that the lands of the said College be ultimately adopted by the legislature as the site of the said university. In Witness whereof, we have hereto subscribed our names.

Wm: Mitchell James Madison
Joel Yancey J. H. Cocke
Chas. Johnston Joseph C. Cabell
H. Harrison Zachariah Neville
Richd. Pollard Henry Dawson
Rob. Morriss Ro: Rives
Thos. Wells W C Rives
Wm: Garth John P. Cobbs
Moses Peregoy Landon Cabell
John Fretwell Thomas J MClelland
Will Cabell James Leitch
Geo: Calloway J. W. Garth
John H Craven V. W. Southall
Frank Carr Geo: W Kinsolving
Jno: Minor Wm: Watson
Wm: Brown John C. Ragland
Jas: Clark Saml. Leitch
James H Terrell O. Norris
Ira Harris P. Minor
Nelson Barksdale Th: Jefferson
Garland Garth Jeremiah A. Goodman
Thos: J. Randolph Arthur Whitehurst
Wm: Woods John Walker
John M. Perry Jesse Garth
Geo: M. Woods J: Pollock
Danl. F. Carr John Fagg
Alex: Garrett C. Wertenbaker
William Leitch Wm: H. Meriwether
Jas. Dinsmore Allen Dawson
Hugh Chisholm Dixon Dedman
Saml. Carr Clif: Harris
N H Lewis Charles Brown
David Isaacs Reuben Maury
Lewis Teel Mann Page
Peter Porter J. H. Marks
N. Bramham Francis Mc.Gehee
Saml. L Hart I. A. Coles
John Winn Thos. Coles
Ira Garrett James Lindsay
John Jones Martin Thacker
Fras: B. Dyer Christopher Hudson
John Watson L. M. John Harris
John Slaughter Richard Woods
Jo: Bishop John Dunkum [Dunkham]
J. Goss Daniel M. Railey
Jas. Minor Tho: Wood
Ben: Hardin John F. Carr
William Dunkum [Dunkham] Henry Chiles
Jas. O. Carr Achilles Broadhead
Drury Wood Micajah Woods
Tucker Coles Elijah Brown
Saml. Dyer Senr. James Wood
Tho: Esten Randolph Th: W. Maury
Joseph Coffman Zachariah Shackleford
John Hudson

I do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the original deed signed by the subscribers whose names are thereto annexed, which was laid before the board of Commissioners for the University of Virginia on the first day of August 1818.

Th: W. Maury
Secy. to the Board

FC (Vi).

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