James Madison Papers

To James Madison from the Republican Citizens of Troy, New York, 13 May 1812

From the Republican Citizens of Troy, New York

Troy May 13. 1812


The committee appointed to give publicity to the preceding Resolutions1 beg leave through them to make known to the President of the United States the sentiments of the Republicans of this place and its vicinity.

RC and enclosure (DNA: RG 59, ML). For enclosure, see n. 1.

1The enclosure is a one-page printed copy of five resolutions passed at a meeting of the “Republican Citizens” of Troy, chaired by Ebenezer Jones, “at the Coffee-House” on 9 May 1812. The first resolution expressed indignation at belligerent attacks on neutrals, asserting that this European system was “calculated to destroy Neutral Commerce” and “long since would have justified an appeal to arms on the part of the United States, and imperiously demands a firm and determined resistance to that power, which, in defiance of a solemn pledge, still persists in wanton hostility to our national rights.” The second resolution defended Macon’s Bill No. 2 as “a fair and honorable measure, inasmuch as it placed both of the belligerents upon an equal footing,” and declared that “enforcing the non-importation law against Great Britain, was a measure dictated by the most commanding necessity.” The third resolution stated that while most citizens would prefer to avoid a war if enforcing nonimportation against Great Britain could accomplish the same objectives, in the event of war it would be “the first and most sacred duty of every citizen to unite cordially in such measures as will have a tendency to assert our national rights, and maintain our dignity and independence.” The fourth resolution expressed regret that any members of Congress should be absent from Washington and urged them “speedily to resume their official stations.” The fifth resolution appointed a committee to publish the proceedings of the meeting. These Republican resolutions were probably intended to counter a more critical set of resolutions sent to JM from Troy on 7 May 1812.

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