James Madison Papers

To James Madison from an Unidentified Correspondent, 14 April 1812

From an Unidentified Correspondent

Newyork April 14th. 1812.


In my opinion, your honor, the honor of the United States, and the honor of this State, require that a complete examination of the pretentions and Claims of the Military aplicants, whose names have been laid before, and Sanctioned by the Senate, Should take place, previous to their being Commissioned; if Nothing else render it necessary the Juggling used by the Clintonian faction, to have your enemies appointed, and Your friends rejected, would be a Sufficient motive to produce a Scrutiny.

Herewith you have a list of the appointments for this State with Remarks on each name with Whom I am acquainted.

Peter P. Schuyler Colonel Federalist.
Robt: Leroy Livingston Lieut. Col. Well Known by the name of “Crazy Bob” and if throwing Decanters and Glasses were to be the weapons used, he would make a most excellent Lieut. Colonel,
John Chrystie do a very clever young man, tho not competent to the office; perhaps, from the Scarseness of Materials, is as good as could be met with,
James Robert Mullany Major Shakespear drew his character in the Play of “alls well that ends well”—“Parolles—a parasitical follower of Great Men, a coward, but vain, and a great pretender to valor”—
Henry F. Yates do Not Known—
James McKeon Captn. Artilery The most disgracefull, and contemptible appointment ever made; he is the most ignorant and the most Despicable character in the community,
John M. OConnor Lieut. artilery a most Worthy Lieutenant, and a most worthy Second to the Redoubtable Captn. McKeon,
John Sproul Captn. Infantry Good.
M. Myers do Good.
Peter Ogilvie do will be good.
White Youngs do do
W D. Lawrence do a genteel Young man, and will do well enough to Stop a bullet,
Hugh H. Martin, do } Not Known.
Willm Trull do
John Ryan do
Robt. Brett
Jno. M Fink 1st. Lieut. Infantry he is unquestionably a brave Soldier.
John Valleau     do Good,
Stephen W Kearney     do well enough
W. B. Adams     do will be Good.
Robt. S. Gardner     do } Not Known.
David Curtis 2nd. do
Joseph E. Eldridge 2nd. do a fine Young man.
W. W. Miller,
Henry Hart.
& John Kirby, Ensigns Not Known.

Those remarks are made from a Sincere wish to do the administration and the Country Service; the Writer Never did apply, nor ever will Receive an office—he is a republican of the old School—he is

No Trimmer

RC (InU: War of 1812 Collection).

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