James Madison Papers

James Robertson to Willie Blount, 11 September 1811

James Robertson to Willie Blount

Nashville, septr: 11. 1811.

“There is in this place a very noted Chief of the Chickesaws, a man of truth, who wishes the President should be informed, that there is a combination of the Northern Indians, promoted by the English, to unite in falling on the frontier settlements, and are inviting the Southern tribes to join them.”1

Tr (DNA: RG 59, ML).

1This paragraph was extracted from a 9 Sept. 1811 letter from Chickasaw agent James Robertson to Tennessee governor Willie Blount. Robertson mentioned that the Chickasaw chief who wished to convey the information to JM was John Brown. Blount forwarded the letter to the War Department to be used “for the interest of the United States” (Blount to Eustis, 16 Sept. 1811 [DNA: RG 107, LRRS, B-521:5; docketed as received on 24 Sept. 1811]).

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