James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Nathaniel G. Ingraham, 18 February 1811 (Abstract)

§ From Nathaniel G. Ingraham

18 February 1811, New York. “It would be highly gratifying to me if my son Nathl. G Ingraham Jr who resides in England could be honor’d with a Consular appointment in that Country. My friend Mr Phoenix informs me that he made an application to your Excellency thro the Secretary of State for an appointment at Plymouth at which place the Interest of the United States would be much promoted by having an American, in the place of the present consul Mr Hawker, who is not only an Englishman but is agent for British men of war & privateers.”1 Forwards letters from Mr. Shaler to the secretary of state.2 “In my letters by the same arrival Mr Shaler mentions that all is quiet at the Havanna, and likely to continue so.”

RC (DNA: RG 59, LAR, 1809–17, filed under “Ingraham”). 2 pp.

1Alexander Phœnix to Robert Smith, 18 Jan. 1811 (ibid.).

2Among the letters Ingraham mentioned was a report that the American annexation of West Florida had caused “very little sensation” in Cuba. To this news Shaler added a brief description of the defenses and military strength of the island and also mentioned that a British vessel had taken delegates from Veracruz, Guatemala, and Cuba to the cortes in Cadiz. He concluded with an account of events in Mexico to the effect that the rebels were in control of the country and the revolution was about to be “consummated” (William Shaler to Robert Smith, 15 Jan. 1811 [DNA: RG 59, CD, Havana; docketed as received 20 Feb. 1811]).

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