James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Joel Barlow, 9 June 1809

From Joel Barlow

9 June 1809

Dear Sir

Mr. Latrobe has informed me that you wished to have the Encyclopedie sent to your house with the bill. I now send them by the Bearer of this. I take the liberty at the same time to offer you some other books, of which I enclose a notice. Your very obt.

J. Barlow


9 June 1809

Mr. Madison bo’t of J. Barlow

The french encyclopedie methodique—incomplete, consisting as follows

93 vol. bound & 14 half vol. unbd. letter press
say 200 half vol. at 7 liv.
1400 lt
8 vol. bd. 17 half vol. unbd.—plates
say 33 half vol. at 15
Binding 93 vol. at 5 465
8 vol. at 8  64
equal to $448.88

The export duty in France, import duty in America, freight & insurance would probably amou[n]t to about 20 percent. For this J. B. charges nothing, as he wishes to sell the Book, having another set for himself.

As soon as our intercourse with France is open he engages to complete the work, as far as finished, & he thinks it probable the whole may be finished by this time. For this the President will pay the net cost & charges.

See Statement the other side.

Subjects finished in the vols. now delivered.
Amusemens des Sciences 1 vol.
Art militaire 3
Beaux arts 2
Commerce 3
Economie pol. et diplom. 4
Encyclopediana 1
Equitation 1
Finance 3
Geographie 3
Grammaire 3
Histoire 5
Logique 4
Marine 3
Mathematique 3
Theologie 3
Subjects unfinished.
Agriculture vol.
Architecture 1
Assemblé nationale 1
Arts et metiers
Botanique 3
Chymie 2
Forêts et bois  ½
Geographie ancienne
Hist. naturelle 7 3/2
Manufactures 3 2/2
Medicine 6
Musique  ½
Physique 11

Besides the Encyclopedie now sent J. Barlow has duplicates of the following books—most of which may be essential to the Presidents Library2

Schrevelius—Gr. Lexicon 1 Vol. 8 o.
Dictionary of Sejournant—Spanish French & Latin 2 Vol. 4 o.
Dicy. of Alberti—Italian & Fr. 2 Vol. 8 o
—— of Antonini Italian—Fr. & lat. 2 vol 4 o.
—— of Della Crusca—Italian alone 5 vol. 4 o.
—— of Schwan—German Fr. & Lat. 6 vol. 4 o.
    of Danet—Lat & Fr.
Several different grammars in each of the above languages, except the Gr. and lat.
The following less necessary, but useful—
La chymie de Fourcroy 5 vol 8 o.
Volney’s Ruins—in English 2 — 12 o
Dwight’s Conquest of Canaan 1 — 12 o.
Trumbull’s McFingal Elegant London edn. 1 — 8 o.

RC and partial enclosure (DLC); FC of enclosure (CtY: Pequot Library Collection). Partial enclosure docketed by JM, with the notation: “Encyclope. &c.” FC of enclosure headed “Copy” and docketed by Barlow: “Copy to Mr. Madison / Note of Encyclopedie.”

1Partial enclosure with RC ends here.

2At some later time, Barlow wrote on the verso of the list:

“Mr. Madison had of the within
Sejournant at $9  
Antonini 8  
Schrevelius 3  
McFingal 2.50
Conq. of Canaan 1.50
& the Dice. historique—9 vol   27  
from the other—  448.88
which was paid me
in June 1809.”

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