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To James Madison from William Savage, 13 October 1803

From William Savage, 13 October 1803

Kingston Jamaica Octor. 13th. 1803


My last was July 20th. since which I ⟨h⟩ave not been Honored with any of your letters.

This accompanies my Account with the United States up to the begining of September Amoun⟨ting to⟩ £52: 3/ Currency equal to 156 Dollars 46 Cents ⟨as on⟩ the Vouchers.

The Admiral here Sir Jno. Thomas Duckworth seems much disposed to pursue the most lenient measures towards the American Seamen. In every case that I have applied for liberation of Seamen, my request has been granted, provided He was Satisfied that Those ⟨a⟩pplied for were Natives of the United States ⟨o⟩r Citizens of a long Standing with families. He has assured me of his intentions to pursue this line of Conduct. I am sorry to observe great numbers of Irish & Scotch men have been in possession of protections & when an examination takes place at my instance they are found to be Foreigners & of course have been refused.

The Act of the Congress of the 28 Februa⟨ry⟩ entitled an Act Supplementary to an Act Conce⟨rn⟩ing Consuls & Vice Consuls & in my opinion h⟨as⟩ been productive of much good, by preventing masters of Vessels from turning their people o⟨n⟩ Shore & leaving them in Distress, which was o⟨ne⟩ principal Cause of the magnitude of my Accounts, which is evident from the Account now transmitted which embraces near sev⟨en⟩ months & Since the 18h. June Seventy Seven American Vessels have enter’d this port. The Blockade of Hispaniola has been one Cau⟨se⟩ for this unusual number.

I have the pleasure to remark that the Beef & Pork that came here from the United States is in general of a Better quality than form⟨erly⟩ & a much greater Attention is paid to the mo⟨de⟩ of putting it up which gives it a greater re⟨pu⟩tation & although the Americans have no⟨t⟩ acquired the Secret of packing their provis⟨ions⟩ to keep as what comes from Ireland, y⟨et⟩ as the American provisions can be rendered cheaper than Irish, the demand increases every year. I Have the Honour to be with Due respect. Your Ob Hume. Sert.

Wm. Savage

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