James Madison Papers

To James Madison from John M. Forbes, 8 July 1803

From John M. Forbes, 8 July 1803

July 8th. 1803.


By accounts from England to 1st. July, it appears that the Elbe is to be closely blockaded. This will force all the English & Amn. trade round into the Ports of the Baltic and wi⟨ll⟩ totally Suspend all trade here. In this Case it will become necessary that I should transpose my Commerci⟨al⟩ establishment to Lubec, or Rostoc, both of which are within the Circle of Lower Saxony. I have repeatedly solic⟨ited⟩ that my Commission should be extended to this Circ⟨le⟩ with a mere view to the Public Service, but now that it becomes an object of private as well as increased Public interest that our trade sho⟨uld⟩ be suitably Protected, I flatter myself that, if the Government of the U. S. is Convinced that I have hitherto done my duty, they will not refu⟨se⟩ to give me that Commercial encouragement whic⟨h⟩ is my only reward and hope that I shall receive ⟨an⟩ appointment to the Circle of Lower Saxony. Nothi⟨ng⟩ of great importance has occurred since my last except the second Capitulation of the Hanoverians, which is Confidently asserted to have taken place. We have now in our City The French General in Chief, Mortier who is only on a visit for two or three days. I remain, as ever, very respectfully, Your obedt. Servant

John M. Forbes

P.S. You will perceive by the Copies inclosed that I have received a second reply from the Government of this City, to Which I have replied, both of which are inclosed.

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