James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Vincent Gray, 25 April 1803

From Vincent Gray, 25 April 1803

Havana 25. April 1803.


By the Ship Aspansia just about to ⟨d⟩epart for New York I have only time to say that, ⟨t⟩he Sloop of War called the Diligence, having ⟨on⟩ board the Marques Casa Calvo, late Governor ⟨at⟩ New-Orleans departed the Port this Morning ⟨fo⟩r that place, in order to deliver up the Province, ⟨to⟩ the Agent of the French Republic; in con⟨for⟩mity to the orders of His Catholic Majesty.

In consequence of orders recd. by the ⟨P⟩acket, that caused so much alarm lately ⟨in⟩ consequence of her not bringing the mails due, ⟨t⟩he Ships of His Catholic Majesty bound from ⟨V⟩era Cruz to Spain having specie on board ⟨ar⟩e not now permitted to touch at this Port; ⟨a⟩nd an Edict hath lately passed the Supreme ⟨co⟩uncil of this Island prohibiting the expor⟨ta⟩tion of Specie on any account, to any Foreign ⟨po⟩rt or place whatever.

The latter decree or Edict will bear ha⟨rd⟩ upon those having property in this Island, and the prohibition respecting the Vera Cruz Ships, I have no doubt, is intended to prevent future requisitions from the Island of Santo Domingo on this Government. However His Catholic Majesty has given the French Republic letters of credit on Santa Fee and Mexico for the purpose of supplying the deficiency of the Santo Domingo Expedition: and should those places fall short of the Sum absolutely necessary, then the balance is to be supplied from the city of Havana.

From letters recd. from Madrid I have reaso⟨n⟩ to believe that orders will be recd. here in a few w⟨eeks⟩ for this Government to acknowledge the French Agent. The First Consul has demanded it, and from the letters recd. by Major Vernon from the Prefect of Santo Domingo, he feels ⟨so⟩ confident of its being the case, that he has mentioned it to the Governor and Intendant here. I am Sir, very respectfully, your mo. Ob. Serv.

Vincent Gray

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