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To James Madison from James Maury, 10 November 1802

From James Maury, 10 November 1802

Liverpool 10th. November 1802


Since my letter of 28th. September I have had the Honor of yours of 26th. August & shall conform to the Instructions it contains.

I am truly concerned to have occasion again to submit to you the propriety of making known to our ship owners & Merchants the necessity of having such of their vessels as be destined for this Country navigated by a Master & three fourths of the Crew American Citizens, agreeable to the Law here, which holds as British Subjects all those who were so on the 4th February 1783. notwithstanding their having become American Citizens since that time, agreeable to our law. The Failure in this precaution has been attended with very great loss & Inconvenience to the Owners of the Ship United States, Capt. S. J. Spence, & her Cargo from Alexandria, lately arrived here to a most advantageous Market, but cannot be admitted to Entry for the Master being a British Subject, agreeable to the Law of this Country.

Since the passing the Act, which I had the Honor to enclose you on the 14th. Septr., doubts had arisen as to the admissibility to Entry f⟨or⟩ home consumption of Cotton in our Vessels from New Orleans. I have the satisfaction to inform you that two of our vessels have lately arrived here from that place with cotton, which has been admitted to entry for Ho⟨me⟩ Consumption on reporting from the Deposit belonging to the United States of America on the River Mississippi. As this Information may also be important to our Merchants, who are concerned in that Branch of Trade, I further submit to you the propriety of its being likewise mad⟨e⟩ public.

Inclosed is the State of this market for the Imports fro⟨m⟩ the United States of America. I have the Honor to be with Perfect Respect Sir Your most Obedient Ser⟨vant⟩

James Maury

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