James Madison Papers

To James Madison from L’Hospital, 10 August 1802

From L’Hospital, 10 August 1802

Havre 10th. August 1802.


I have the honour to transmit You, here inclosed, and by the opportunity, as well as to the care of Captain Henry Danvelos, masr. of the Ship Benjamin Franklin, of, from & for Philadelphia the following Registers, Certificates, & other ship’s papers, delivered to me, and deposited in my office, by the following Captains, viz;

⟨1⟩st. the Register of the ship James & William, of Portsmouth, (new-Hampshire) dated in Charleston, (South-Carolina) 17 September 1801. Nber. 138. owned by Joshua ⟨Morton⟩, of Portsmouth, Philip Pollard master, together with her Certificate of Mediterranean pass, thereto annexed, which ship, sold here, navigates, at present, under French Colours.

⟨2d⟩ly. The Register of the ship Boston packett, of Nantuckett, David Fox late master, owned by ⟨Fc.⟩ Joy of Sherbourne, Nber. 4. dated in sherbourne, Massachusetts state, the 23d. August 1794. together with her Certe. of Mediterranean pass: which ship, Sold here, navigates, at present, under french colours.

3ly. The Register of the Brig Felicity, of Baltimo⟨re⟩, John King late master, owned by Nathel. Richar⟨dson⟩ of Baltimore, Nber. 124. dated in Baltimore, the ⟨1st⟩ June 1801. which Ship was cast away in last Dber. on this Coast, near the port of Fecamp.

4ly. The certificate of the ship Elizabeth of Newp⟨ort⟩ James Larson, late master, delivered by Mr. P. F. Dobree vice-consul of the united states at Nantes, under date of the 14th. May 1801 which ship, Sold here, navigates, at present under french Colours.

5ly. The Bill of Sale of Brig Reunion, of Charles⟨ton,⟩ Richard Jones late master, owned by Mr. Ha[. . .] Grant, of Charleston, as pr. certificate of Mr. John Williams, Consul of the united states, in ⟨London⟩ under date of the 15th. November 1801 which vessel, sold here, navigates, at present under the french Flag.

On receipt of the afore Said Registers, ⟨&⟩ papers, Be pleased, Sir, to give the necessary orders, that the Bonds made thereon, in the ⟨name⟩ of the united states, may be lawfully Cancell⟨ed.⟩ With great respect, and high Considerati⟨on⟩ I am, Sir Your most obedient & most humble Servant

For Peter Dobell

Commercial agent of the united states


Chancelor of the commal. agen⟨cy⟩ of the united States

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