James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Anthony Terry, 22 July 1802

From Anthony Terry, 22 July 1802

Cadiz 22 July 1802.


I have the honor to inform you of the arrival two days ago in this Port of the Spanish Ship Principe de la Paz in 47 days from Philadelphia having on board my principal Mr. J: Yznardy.

The Quaranteen to which American Vessels here are subjected & which Mr: Yznardy is now performing, imposes on me the unwelcome Duty of informing you of the Capture of the Brig Franklin of Philadelphia by a Tripolitan Corsair: the particulars so far as they have come to my knowledge are contained in the inclosed Copy of a Letter from Mr: J: Gavino our Consul at Gibraltar. Permit me Sir, to suggest that according to the prevailing Opinion amongst the well informed here, the protection of our Commerce against the Ravages of these Pirates would be more efficaciously accomplished by light Brigs well mann’d & armed than by larger Vessels, which from their to great Draught of Water are incapable of approaching the Coasts within a sufficient degree of proximity.

You have, doubtless, heard Sir, of ⟨the⟩ intended Espousals of the Prince of Asturias Heir apparent to th⟨e⟩ Crown of these Kingdoms to the Princess of Sicily Daughter to the King of Naples. The Family Cro⟨wns⟩ (if I am rightly informed) are to ⟨be⟩ drawn still closer by the Union ⟨at⟩ the same time of a Neapolitain Prince with an Ynfanta of Spa⟨in.⟩ This great Ceremony is to tak⟨e⟩ place at Barcelona late in ⟨the⟩ Month of September. The Cou⟨rt⟩ with its Train, the Diplomatic Body &ca: consisting in all of abo⟨ut⟩ 12000: Souls to leave Madrid ⟨on⟩ the 12th: of August & are to arr⟨ive⟩ at Barcelona on the corresponding day of the month following. Vast preparations are makein⟨g⟩ & an enormous expence will ⟨be⟩ incurred in this Celebration, wh⟨ile⟩ the long accumulating Arrear⟨s⟩ of the Navy are to remain unpaid; to the distress & eve⟨n⟩ ruin of many worthy Individuals. I have the honor to be with the highest Sentiments of Respect, Sir, Your most Obedt. & most hble. Servant,

Anthony Terry

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