James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Peter Stirling, 29 April 1802

From Peter Stirling, 29 April 1802

Barcelona 29 April 1802

Dear Sir.

I have thought it an incumbent Duty on me, to lay before you, for the Publick good. It is Publickly Said here, and I observe the Board of Health begin to take measures, for avoyding an introduction in this Country, of a Pestilential, Epidemical, Disorder, that has of late broke out, and rages in Oran, on the Barbary Shore. Said Board of Health is officially informed, of that reigning malady there, that it dayly Sweeps great numbers of People off. The Summer Season coming on is much to be dreaded.

In this Country Health is enjoyed as fully as ever. Honoured Sir I beg leave to produce my Self at your Commands

In the absence of Wm. Willis Esqr. Consul,

Peter Stirling,

At. & V.C.

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