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To James Madison from William Savage, 25 March 1802

From William Savage, 25 March 1802

March 25th. 1802.


This accompanys a list of American Seamen ⟨th⟩at have been discharged from the Ships of War ⟨on⟩ this Station since I transmitted the last list, also ⟨a l⟩ist of Americans still onboard the navy here ⟨If⟩ Documents are timely sent many of them may ⟨be⟩ liberated. We have here upwards of forty Sails ⟨of⟩ the line Frigates & Sloops included. It is the intentio⟨n of⟩ the British Government to keep up a strong naval ⟨fo⟩rce during the attempts of the French to subjugate ⟨the⟩ Colony of Hispaniola.

Since January I have been under the necessity ⟨of⟩ assisting a numerous body of American Seamen discharged ⟨s’men⟩ from the men of war, others who ha⟨ve⟩ arrived here from different ports of G. Britain & Irelan⟨d⟩ who have been turned here ashore, others out of Sp⟨anish⟩ Ships, Spanish prisons & discharged from the Hosp⟨ital⟩ & some nearly naked & starving in the Street, almos⟨t⟩ every one of whom I have used my best endeav⟨ors⟩ to send to the UStates. In some Instances they ha⟨ve⟩ been admitted on board American Vessels free of expences to your Government but in most Instan⟨ces⟩ I have been necessitated to assist with provision⟨s⟩ Nineteen of twenty of these people have been und⟨er⟩ the necessity of working their passages home witho⟨ut⟩ the smallest emolument to themselves owing to th⟨e⟩ numerous Seamen out of employ & reductions of wag⟨es⟩ from thirty to thirty five Dollars ⅌ month to twel⟨ve⟩ & thirteen Dollars. I have the Honour to be With Respect Your most Obed. H Ser⟨vt.⟩

Wm. Savage

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