James Madison Papers

To James Madison from David Lenox, 10 March 1802

From David Lenox, 10 March 1802

London 10th. March 1802.


I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of your Letter of the 1st. of January, in answer ⟨to⟩ mine of the 12th. of October last, requesting the ⟨P⟩residents Permission to return to America. I had with you anticipated the discharge of all Seamen claiming Protection as American Citizens on Peace taking place, altho’ not possessed ⟨of⟩ Certificates in the usual form, under the idea that as Men would not be wanted for the Navy, this Government would prefer discharging those who might be supposed most dissatisfied with the Service, but in this I have been disappointed, as you will perceive by the correspondence which I have ⟨had⟩ with the Admiralty on the subject, Copies of wh⟨ich⟩ I do myself the honor to send you enclosed.

The impressment of our Seamen ceased immed⟨iately⟩ on the Preliminary Treaty, but applications ⟨continue⟩ to be made from Men on board Ships arriving, f⟨rom⟩ Foreign Stations, & since my last return, to the 1st. Instant they Amount to ninety five. In the cases of Seamen where proof’s have been transmitted from the Department of State, unanswered at the date of my last Return, as well as in those cases where proof has since been received, the Answers ⟨are⟩ stated against their Names in the enclosed List.

The Definitive Treaty is not yet signed, & Pub⟨lic⟩ opinion is much divided as to the result, but this ⟨will⟩ make no difference in regard to my return to America. I am making arrangements for that purpose & ⟨expect⟩ to embark some time in the month of May, when I shall deliver over to the Person designated by the President any business that may remain unfinished. I shall on my arrival repair to the seat of Government, & should my Official conduct meet the Approbation of the Executive, I shall feel compensated for ⟨s⟩ome sacrifices which I have made during my continuance in Office. With great respect, I am Sir, Your most Obedient Servant

D. Lenox

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