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To James Madison from Beers & Judah, 26 February 1802

From Beers & Judah, 26 February 1802

Fairfield (Connect.) Feby. 26th. 1802


From a persuasion in our minds, that you will be equally ready as your predecessors, Messrs. Randolph & Pickering to give every information consistent with propriety as appertaining to the duties of your office, We take the liberty to address you, And inform you that more than eight years has passed since we had a Vessel & cargo, amounting in value to upwards of $15000 dollars, captured by the British & condemned in the Island of St. Kitts in the west Indies; since when we have pursued the directions of Messrs. Randolph & Pickering, in support of our claim against the British Government; & first committed the business to the care of Mr. Saml. Bayard, commercial agent on the part of the United States, then in London; on his return to the united states, our business was committed to the care of Mr. Saml. Cabot (a like agent) who inform’d us by letter of 26th. Jany. 1799 that the court of appeals in London had, on that day, reversed the sentence of condemnation in our case, & had directed the vessel & cargo to be restored, or the value thereof paid to us: on Mr. Cabot’s return to the United States, our business was placed in the Care of Mr. Saml. Williams; Who by letter of 3d. October last, inform’d us that he no longer acted as the agent of the United States; And that unless we received compensation thro’ the commissioners acting under the British Treaty, we never should recover any; that the commissioners had suspended their proceedings, & that it was uncertain when they would resume them. Now sir our wish is, to know, what occasions the delay of the commissioners: what prospect there is of their resuming business, & your opinion of the ultimate event of their proceedings: & any information that you can give us relative to the business, will be most thankfully received by Yr. Mo. Obedt. Servants,

Beers & Judah

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