James Madison Papers

To James Madison from James Simpson, 20 February 1802

From James Simpson, 20 February 1802

No. 37.

Tangier 20th. February 1802.


The very great delay of the George Washington Frigate beyond the time I had been taught to expect Captain Shaw would probably be at Gibraltar, induced me to send No. 35 to Mr. Gavino, with a request that he would forward it by first good conveyance.

I now avail of the Brig Mary from Mogadore for Boston, to hand herewith copy of that dispatch, and of the Extracts of Letters accompanied it. I am happy in saying that up to the present hour, I have not heard a syllable farther, relative to Bashaw Hackmawys Communications of 14th. December; from which I draw every favourable conclusion.

That Gentleman has been succeeded in the Command of this place, by the Governour of Tetuan, who now holds both Govermts. He is an acquaintance of mine of many years standing, and I beleive would be usefull to me if in his power.

The Tripoline went to the Emperour as Ambassador, sollicited some Cargoes of Wheat, and is gone to Rhabat with permission to load; but he certainly will not find Vessels to Charter whilst Tripoly continues blockaded. The Emperour having also been sollicited to give his assistance, towards geting the Tripoline Brig lays at Gibraltar sent home, consented to give a Crew and provisions for that purpose.

A few days ago the Governour sollicited from the Swedish Consul and myself in His Majestys name Passports for her, which having convinced him it was not in our power to grant, under the actual situation of Tripoly, it was agreed we should write Admiral Cederstrom & Commodore Dale on the subject, which has been done.

With this I beg leave to transmit an Account lately presented to me by a Mr. Lewis Goublet (now Spanish Vice Consul here, and chief Manager of the busyness of that Consulate) of expences made by him for the Crew of an American Vessel in the years 1784 & 1785, also two letters written to him by Mr. Carmicha⟨el⟩ and Mr. Harrison at that time, to shew he did interfere in behalf of those people. Mr. Goublets respectability of Character puts ⟨it⟩ beyond a doubt, he did make the disbursements he states, which is all I shall take upon me to say on the subject; and wait such Instructions as you may be pleased to favour me with, respectin⟨g⟩ payment of the demand.

On the 23d. last Month Alsayde Abdallah Ben Abdel Malek late Governour of this place died; a New House here his property of pretty considerable extent, and well situated but unfinished, it is supposed His Majesty will order to be sold for payment of Public money he was in Arrear at the time Bashaw Hackmawy succeeded him in the Command of Tangier. This House with some alterations might be made sufficient for the Residence of the American Consul, by which much expence and trouble, inseperable from building in this Country would be saved. I have in consequence desired the Minister to acquaint His Majesty that I wish to purchase the House for Public Account, if on examination when Abdel Maleks Widows may leave it, it be found suitable; whether the House be sold for Account of His Majesty or the Heirs, this previous communication on my part was necessary, according to the custom of this Country.

The Brig this goes by, came from Boston with a valuable Cargo chiefly of East India Goods, and carrys back a Cargo of Hides, Gum and other produce of this Country, which is the second expedition Mr. E H Derby has made of same nature.

No. 36 served purposely to advise my having under 25th. January taken the liberty of drawing two Bills on you to order of Mr. John Gavino for Twelve hundred & eight hundred, together two thousand dollars on Account of Sallary. Your speedily favouring me with what may be determined on, in consequence of my request in concluding paragraphs of No. 35 touching the allowance to be made me by Government, will be highly esteemed by Sir Your Most Obedient and Most Humble Servant

James Simpson

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