James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Frederick H. Wollaston, 30 January 1802

From Frederick H. Wollaston, 30 January 1802

Genoa 30 Jany. 1802

My last to the Depart: of State was date 10 June last and directed to your predecessor J. Marshall Esqr. whose letter, of 13 Novr: 1800 reached me only the 10 Seper. 1801. It contained a Duplicate of the Introductory letter to this Governt. the original of which was long ago delivered. The purport of the present is to inclose the usual list of entrances & Clearances in this Port of American vessels during last year. The peace restored to Europe will probably greatly reduce the American trade to these seas especially if the traffic of the US. to the W. I. & S. Am: is restricted as I presume will be the case by B. & Span. Govts: & at all events the export from America of W. I. P: will seldom be able to stand in competition with the Eng. & Span: Merchants. The E. I. & China trade may however continue to leave room for an extense. traffic to Italy & especially to Genoa. The Carrying trade in these seas will also give employment to advantage to a certain number of Amer: Shipping which can be built & navigated at a much cheaper rate than most other Nations; it is therefor⟨e⟩ much to be wished that a peace may be made with Tripoli on honorable terms and that a sufficient squadron be constanly kept in the Mediteranean to keep these Barbary Powers quiet & prevent them from renewing their extortions when the present subsisting treaties are expired.

I have nothing here worthy of your detention. The disposition of this Govt. continues to be extremely amicable towards the U S & I make it my Study to cultivate these sentiments. I have hitherto seen none of the U. S Ships of war in this Gulph, which is out of their way & too far distant for Tripoline Cruizers to venture surrounded by inimical shores.

I have written to your predecessor Timy. Pickering & J. Marshall Esqrs. intimating my wish to become a naturalized Citizen of the U. S. presuming that my holding a Commission under Govt. will be considered as equivalent to a personal residence in the U. S. especially as by the Brit laws Consuls being considd. in the same light as the Natives of their [. . .] they would derive no Commercial advantage from the Neutrality of their offices. I hope my intimation on that Score will have been duely entered in the proper office. Should it not have been done however I request you to do it effectually if admissible.

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