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To James Madison from John Morton, 9 January 1802

From John Morton, 9 January 1802

Amer: Consulate, Havana, Jan: 9th. 1802.


I take the liberty of embracing the present occasion for introducing to your personal acquaintance Mr. William Cooke, Merchant, formerly of Savanah, now of Charleston, S. Carolina,—the Gentleman who was noticed in my Communication of the 11th. ulto: as having been a great & innocent sufferer, both in his person & property, from an unwarranted, violent & cruel exercise of power by the Intendant-General of this island: sufficient vouchers & testimonies of which, were transmitted, at the above date, by Mr. G. C. Morton; & Copies of which, together with every other requisite explanation, will now be furnished by Mr. Cooke himself:

Mr. Cooke now goes with the purpose of prosecuting, to the utmost, his Claim for ample redress: And permit me, Sir, to assure you, from a knowledge of Mr. C’s respectable Character, & Standing in Life, & from a full Investigation of his almost unparalleled Case that but few, if any, more deserving obje⟨cts⟩ of your attention could be presented.

It became unnecessary therefore for m⟨e⟩ to assure him that, with such well-establish⟨ed⟩ claims, he would be sure to meet, at leas⟨t⟩ from his own Government, every possible attention & assistance. With much Respect I am, Sir, Your mo: Obed: Serv⟨t.⟩

Jno: Morton.

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