James Madison Papers

To James Madison from John Stone, 1 December 1801

From John Stone, 1 December 1801

Norfolk ca. 1 December 1801


In the Year 1800—in the Month of March I Received on Board of my Vessel, thirteen Portugues Seamen who were taken By me from a Wrack in the greatest distress, off the western Islands, at least ⟨1⟩300 leages from Land. The Expence of Victuals & Clothing furnished them untill they were landed at Norfolk, I consider should be paid without a moments delay, either By our Govt. or the Portugues Govert., for it would (by All Candid men) Be considered as oppressive, for me to loose the keeping of 13 men for nearly two Months at Sea when my provisions were high—when I put myself on Allowance and was deprived of many Comforts, when I was exposed ⟨with⟩ my Crew to perish for the want of the very provisions ⟨wi⟩th which I had supplied & furnished these Portugues. ⟨Th⟩e State of Va. has paid for there Support while here ⟨b⟩ut as You will find By Govr. Monro’s Letter herewith declines ⟨the⟩ Payment of my Expences, And refer my Claim to ⟨Y⟩ou as Secretary of State. If Sir after attending To the extream hardship of a denial of Payment You will be so good as to inform me if there Payment provided—in Cases of this kind, and if any what St⟨eps⟩ I must take in Order to obtain it You will greatly [. . .]. A Letter Addressed to Samuel Marsh my Agent i⟨n⟩ Norfolk will be Recvd. with Gratitude By Your Hu⟨mble Servt.⟩

John Stone

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