James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Sylvanus Bourne, 7 October 1801

From Sylvanus Bourne, 7 October 1801

Consular Office of the U: States, Amsterdam Octr 7 1801.


I have now to advise you that Contrary to general expectation the preliminary articles of a peace between France & England were signed in London on the 2d. Instant—the contents of which are however as yet unknown here. This important event arrests the attention of the philosophic observer & is of a nature to produce a marked & most material change in the political & commercial Worlds, & its consequences on the future destinies of Europe cannot yet be traced with any degree of accuracy or precision.

Inclosed is a letter for the President which I beg leave to entrust to yr. care: it is on the subject of a future regulation for the Support of the Consular establishment here the income of which from Official fees will by the peace be reduced three quarters & I respectfully submit to the consideration of Govt. whether this Establishment which forms at present the only representation of our Country to this—is not of sufficient importance to claim the attention ⟨of⟩ Govt. by the recommendation of the Legislature of a mod⟨est⟩ annual support therefor say 2000 Dolls & towar⟨d⟩ the payt. of this sum ye. fees still received in the O⟨ffice⟩ may be credited to make it bear as light as po⟨ssible⟩ on the publick; while the Officer will in all events be assured of a decent Support in aid of many expences which necessarily accrue from his public Station here.

I have ever ende⟨avored⟩ to fulfill the various Objects of my duty with ⟨in⟩tegrity & fidelity & I hope to the approba⟨tion⟩ of my Country. I have the honor to b⟨e⟩ With much respect Yr Ob. Servt.

S: Bourne

The arrangments for the establisht. of the lat⟨e⟩ new plan of Govt. for this Country are n⟨ot⟩ yet matured or put in execution.

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