James Madison Papers

To James Madison from James C. Mountflorence, 19 August 1801

From James C. Mountflorence, 19 August 1801

Paris Quay Malaquais No. 1 19th August 1801


The late President, Mr. Adams, honored me with the appointment of Commercial Agent of the United States, at this Place. This nomination was confirmed by the Senate. Should the President be pleased to confer the Appointment of Consul General, or Agent General, or Commissary General of Commercial Relations to any other Person, I hope, Sir, that you will find no Inconveniency, in suffering that I should enjoy nevertheless the aforesaid Place of mere commercial Agent without a Salary. Denmark & other Powers keep here Three Agents for Trade, a Consul General, a Consul and a Vice Consul, allowing to each a Salary. But our Government not paying such officers I humbly conceive that it is for the Interest and Advantage of the Merchants of the United States that there should be several public officers for the Commerce of our Country, in a Capital of so much Consequence as Paris, in order that in the Case of absence or Sickness of Either, the Citizens of the United States may have another officer to apply to, for the Transacting of their Business with the several offices of this Government. With great Respect I have the Honor to be Sir Your most obedient and most humble Servant

Js. C. Mountflorence

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