James Madison Papers

To James Madison from John Gavino, 24 July 1801

From John Gavino, 24 July 1801

No. 68

Gibraltar 24th. July 1801


I had this pleasure of adressing you the 18. Inst. ⅌ Duplicate No. 67. Since then have none of yours. Said day the Philada. frigate came close into the Bay, when the two Tripoly Cruisers lowerd their Flags & have not as yet hoisted them again. Indeed I think they are afraid to Stir out. Capn. Baron requested my sending him a Coasting Pilot as was to go to Tetuan Bay for Water (of which we are very scarce here, & the Governor alows no ships of warr to take any, I now suppose the Philada. and three Engh. Line of Battle Ships watering at Tetuan River) when I sent him one who is recond of the best, and has been a long time Employd on said Service with the Portuguese, alowing him same pay of one & a half Cobbs ⅌ day, with his Diet. The Philada. took five Sail of homeward bound Vessels with her, & more are Collecting. The timely arrival of Commodor Dales Squadron has prevented those Tripoly Cruisers from doing a deal of Damage; indeed had it kept off a fortnight longer, I dare say upwards of 20 Sail of Mercht. Vessels would have been Victims to those Pirats, & it is necessary to keep a look out about this Gutt. The Expence of the advice Boat dispatchd to the Philadelphia is $36 ⅌ Inclosed Receipt and have debited Goverment therewith.

Three English line of Battle ships are now off Cadiz. The Adls. Ship and another are ready to join them and only waites for a wind. I have the honor to be truely—Sir Your most obedt. and most hl. Servt.

John Gavino

I now inclose you the two last publications With us.

26h. July

within those 4 days I have observed three american Brigs from the Westward having been carried by the french & Sph. Privateers into Alguesiras, & Yesterday a large ship also supposed to be an american.

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