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To James Madison from James Maury, 1 July 1805 (Abstract)

From James Maury, 1 July 1805 (Abstract)

§ From James Maury. 1 July 1805, Liverpool. “My last letter to you was of the 7th instant.1

“I have the honor to inclose an abstract of sundry late quarantine regulations under which all vessels from any Port of the United States arriving in this country, on, or after the 1st day of next October, with any of the articles enumerated in the appendix will be subjected to that restraint, unless they produce a declaration upon oath made by the Owner, Proprietor, shipper or consignor, stating either that such articles are not the growth, produce or manufacture of Turkey or of any other place in Africa within the streights of Gibraltar or in the West Barbary on the Atlantic Ocean.2

“Mr Murray, our late Consul at Glasgow, being dead,3 & that part of the country become within my district, I have appointed a deputy at Greenock, where so many of our vessels now resort that I beg leave, with all due deference, to submit to you the propriety of suggesting to the President a direct appointment.

“Inclosed is a price current for the exports of the United States [not found].”

RC (DNA: RG 59, CD, Liverpool, vol. 2). RC 2 pp.; in a clerk’s hand, signed by Maury; docketed by Wagner, with his note: “Consul wanting at Glasgow.”

1No 7 July 1805 letter from Maury has been found; see Maury to JM, 7 June 1805, PJM-SS, 9:442.

2The enclosure has not been found, but the 10 Sept. 1805 New-York Commercial Advertiser contained an extract of a 5 July 1805 letter from Thomas Auldjo to Benjamin Lincoln enclosing a form of the required declaration to be attested to by the British consul or vice-consul at the port of departure or, if none such existed, by “two known British merchants.” The regulation covered “cotton, hoofs, horns and tips, hides, (and a number of other articles not usually exported from the United-States).”

3For the death of John J. Murray, see Murray to JM, 13 Mar. 1805, PJM-SS, 9:133 n. 1.

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