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To James Madison from Anthony Terry, 5 January 1805 (Abstract)

§ From Anthony Terry

5 January 1805. “By the inclosed Copy of an official Letter passed me by the Governor & Captain General of this City,1 you will be informed of Admiral Ord having put this Port in a State of Blockade, which I communicate you without loss of time.

“I likewise take the liberty of inclosing you Copy of Admiral Ord’s official Paper, and of the answer thereto.”2

RC, two copies, and enclosures (DNA: RG 59, CD, Cádiz, vol. 1). First RC 1 p.; in a clerk’s hand, signed by Terry. Second RC marked “Copy”; unsigned; written above Yznardy to JM, 31 Jan. 1805, where it is described as a letter from Yznardy. For enclosures, see nn.

1The enclosure (1 p.; in Spanish) is a copy of Francisco Solano Ortiz de Rosas to Yznardy, 4 Jan. 1805, stating that Admiral Sir John Orde had notified Solano that as a result of Spain’s declaration of war against Great Britain, Orde was declaring Cádiz blockaded and all neutral vessels attempting to enter or leave the bay were subject to the full effect of this declaration.

2The enclosures (2 pp.; in Spanish; translation printed in the 9 Mar. 1805 New York Republican Watch-Tower, where Solano’s letter is dated 3 Jan.) are copies of John Orde to Solano, 2 Jan. 1805, in which Orde stated that he would allow fishing boats to leave and enter the port if the authorities would refrain from firing at any British ships that accidentally came within range of the shore batteries, and Solano to Orde, 2 Jan. 1805, replying that he had his duty to perform, that no force could make Spanish fishermen unfaithful to the king nor could any offered conditions lead Solano to dishonorably abandon his duty, and that if Orde chose to deprive innocent people of food it was Orde’s honor that would need defense.

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