James Madison Papers

Memorandum to Thomas Jefferson, [25 October] 1804

Memorandum to Thomas Jefferson

[25 October 1804]

(a) and which have been encreased by peculiar circumstances in the W. Indn Seas; yet in the more distant channels at least of our trade,1
b. The act authorizes &c provisionally at least—a port &c without the limits of the U. S. The words in ( ) may be left out.
c— (on the part of Spain)
d. (proper to suspend) will according better with the case—as the 6th art. is also made a ground of suspension.
e may reasonably be expected to replace the Spanish Govt. in the disposition which originally concurred in the Convention
f. (manifestations)—
g (on proper)—quer if the last circumstance may not be omitted in so general a paragraph—and left either to be includ[e]d in some particular message—or taken up on informl. suggestion
h— quer here as above
i. (effectual) is it not too strong

and to which peculiar causes have contributed2

RC (DLC: Jefferson Papers). Undated; date assigned here on the basis of Jefferson’s docket: “Departmt. State. recd. Oct. 25. / Message.”

1For Jefferson’s fourth annual message to Congress, on which JM is commenting, see Ford, Writings of Jefferson description begins Paul Leicester Ford, ed., The Writings of Thomas Jefferson (10 vols.; New York, 1892–99). description ends , 8:323–32.

2JM wrote this line on the verso of the page.

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