James Madison Papers

To James Madison from the Right Reverend James Madison, 8 April 1804

From the Right Reverend James Madison

Apl. 8h. 1804 Williamsburg

My dear Sir,

This new Bank has excited no small Bustle, among some whose Calculations of future Profit run pretty high; perhaps, indeed, higher than the Event will justify. I confess that I am among the Number, & am engaged, in full Sail, for this Eldorado. You must not be surprized then, that I should write to you again upon the Subject of the 500$.1 I find now, that it will be perfectly convenient to receive th. Amount in Bank Notes; & therefore, if you have taken no Steps, in Consequence of my former Letter, I will beg the Favr. of you to forward the Notes to this Place. Beleive me to be, my dear Sir, Yr Affe. Friend

J Madison

The Notes will come safe by the Post, particularly, if covered like a small Packet.


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