James Madison Papers

To James Madison from the Claims Commissioners under the Jay Treaty, 23 February 1804

From the Claims Commissioners under the Jay Treaty

Gray’s Inn Square February 23rd. 1804.


We have the Honor to inform you that this Board having finally acted upon every Complain⟨t⟩ preferred to it under the Seventh Article of the Treaty by duly executing and delivering Awards against the respective Governments in favour of such Complainants as appeared to them to be entitled to Compensation, and by rejecting and dismissing such Complaints as appeared to them not to be so entitled, and having transacted and concluded all other Business depending before them, has this Day closed its Sessions, as will ⟨appear⟩ by ⟨the wi⟩thin Extract from its Journals.1

We have the Honor also to enclose Copies of two Orders of the Board, extracted from the Journal of its Proceedings of this Day, relative to the Disposition to be made of its Books and Papers, and to a Su⟨r⟩plus of advances made by the two Governments for defraying the Expences of the Commission.2 We have the Honor to be, with the most perfect Consideration and Respect, Sir, Your most obedient hum⟨bl⟩e Servants

Jno: Trumbull

Maurice Swabey

John Anstey

C. Gore

Wm. Pinkney

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