James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Charles Pinckney, 22 February 1804

From Charles Pinckney

February (22) 1804 In Madrid

Dear Sir

Mr Willis the late Consul at Barcelona has just arrived here in this City & informs me he concieves it indispensibly necessary to his honour & Character that he should proceed immediately to Washington to exculpate himself from the Charge brought against him & particularly with respect to the fabrication of false Papers & I have told him it is his only remedy & that I am sure it will give the Government real pleasure to see him able to do so because it must be very disagreeable indeed to them to suppose that any officer particularly a Citizen of the United States who was placed in the highly confidential situation of a Consul at a large maritime port to guard our commercial rights & detect fraud, & impositions should himself be charged as the Promoter or cause of them.

I inclose a triplicate of Mr Cevallos’s Letter to me renouncing & withdrawing his Catholic Majesty’s Objections to the sale of Louisiane by France1 & am now writing you by another Opportunity. To the President I always request to be affectionately presented & I remain with my best wishes & respectful regard Dear Sir Yours Truly

Charles Pinckney

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