James Madison Papers

To James Madison from James Lewis, 11 September 1803

From James Lewis

Albemarle County Septr. 11th. 1803

Dear Sir,

I see [sic] mr. Joseph Jones some few days ago and was making some Enquiry of him about some furniture &c belonging to Colo Monroe in Richmond he informed me you were to have as many of the things there as you wanted that you had Recd. some & were willing to take others provided you could get them but the things being left in care of Mr Coleman & he not living in Town you had directed waggons to call & had been disapointed; if you will send me a list of such things as you want I will write mr Coleman to have them stored away with some person in Richmond where you may get them on application by Letter & have them forwarded by the Return of some waggon from your neighbourhood; the Ballance of the things I shall have Brought up to Colo Monroes own place. I called at the Presidents to see you but you had left that the day before Mr. Jones also Informed me that it was probable you would Settle with Mr Mcgehee a debt due from Colo Monroe to him for his Services as an Overseer.1 That is a debt I wish paid verry much and one that Colo Monroe has wrote me about since he Left this place. I Expect mr Mcgehee would be verry much pleased to have your asst. to pay it some short time hence.

The debt as stated by mr Mcgehee which I Expect is
£  s d
correct is as Follows one years Service 55. 0. 0
£  s d
that he Recd. an order on Henderson 7. 8. 10
& cash at Richmond  6. 0. 0
13. 8.10  13 8 10
£41.11. 2

Leaving a Ballance in his favour of Forty one pound Eleven Shillings & Two pence. I should not have presumed to have mentioned your paying this debt had it not Been Sugested by your Self to Mr Jones as I understood him but if it can be done with perfect convenience to your Self it will be pleasing to Mr Mcgehee & my self. I am with Sentiments of Respect yours

Jas. Lewis

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