James Madison Papers

To James Madison from William E. Hũlings, 30 March 1803 (Abstract)

§ From William E. Hũlings

30 March 1803, New Orleans. “I address’d you on the 27th. day of this mo.1 by the Brig Vanilla, Capt. McNeal Via Baltimore, and inform’d you that the Colinial [sic] Prefect had arrived.… He has address’d a piece to the Louisianians—in which he promises to make them happy, and preserve peace with their neighbours.2 I have not been able to obtain a copy yet, but will send you one in a few days.” The deposit is still “rigidly shut.” Cannot say whether it will be opened before the result of Monroe’s mission is known. “There are now in the River, and in port, about One hundred and twenty Vessels; about one half of which are Americans.… Doctr. Bache arrived here three days ago in good health.”

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