James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Fulwar Skipwith, 3 February 1803 (Abstract)

§ From Fulwar Skipwith

3 February 1803, Paris. “The Council of Liquidation having refused to liquidate several Claims committed to my charge, for supplies made at different Periods to the french Colonies by our Countrymen, & having refered the Claimants to the respective Colonial Administrations, I supposed these particular Decisions were the Effect of a general Regulation or Arrêté, and therefore I applied to them for an authentic Copy of such an Arrete, which I conceived important enough to be made Known in the United States. The result of my Application has been the official Letter of which I have the honor to inclose you herewith a Copy.1 I think the Publication of it would prevent our fellow citizens sending me daily their Papers, in Claims absolutely similar to those mentioned in the Letter, & which I can by no means get settled here.” Leaves the decision on whether to publish the letter to JM.

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