James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Charles Pinckney, 20 December 1802

From Charles Pinckney


December 20: 1802 In Rome

Dear Sir

I had the pleasure of Writing you from Leghorn announcing to you my arrival in Italy.1 Since this I have been in Florence & Pisa & am now in Rome. Knowing your sincere friendship for me I venture again to inclose you a letter I have Written to my Daughter sketching my Tour thus far, & I send it to You, Open, requesting you when You have read it to seal the letter it is in directed to my friends Mr Doyley & Mr Freneau & to have it put in the Post for Charleston. Recollect this letter is not intended, or is it such a one as I should probably write to a philosopher or a statesman. It is Written for a little girl of 11 or 12 whom I love very much & for the female friends about her, but believing that it was possible You might not be altogether unentertained by see[i]ng a sketch of my movements so far, I ventured to send them to you for your perusal & should you suppose it will be agreeable to the President to read them also I will thank you to shew them to him, under the same conditions as I send them to you—that is Written not for the supreme Executive of a great country but a little girl & her female friends with whom she lives. You will please, put her letter open in the one to Mr: Doyley & Freneau & seal their’s with a Wafer & some Wax.

I found the Consul for Rome was gone to America & his father who acts speaks only Italian.2 From him & the Consuls at Leghorn & Naples I shall obtain all the assistance in their power in enabling me to furnish you with the commercial intelligence I wish from this country. Grain at present is astonishingly high & the millions of poor with which Italy abounds are in the greatest want. All the Crops here & in Sicily are lost & Grain must be high. Malta is still posessed by the British & the Indemnities are not arranged. All Europe keeps armed & arming & from the great court paid to Russia she is said in fact to hold the balance in her hands. If I find a frigate or some good Vessel going from Naples down the Mediterranean, I am hopeful to be in Spain in January & by the time the King gets back to Madrid. Please present me affectionately & very respectfully to the President & our friends at Washington & believe me Dear Sir With affectionate respect & esteem Yours Truly

Charles Pinckney

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